Proverbs to Live By
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Proverbs to Live By

This book is compiled by Mae Adkinson from Milton, Florida.  It is a 5 X 7 inch book containing 45 topics with scriptures for each topic.  Journal pages are included as an extra feature.

This project developed from a series of Sunday School lessons.  As I studied and taught from the book of Proverbs, I discovered that it contained instructions for how to conduct our lives in many different areas.  I began to jot down some of the topics that were included, and this book was born. 

I do not claim that every verse that pertains to each topic is included here.  I'm sure there are other verses for each topic and also many more topics that could be included.  I pray that the work presented in the book will be a blessing to you and that you will be able to apply these guidelines to your own life.

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A sample of the topics listed in the book:

Adultery/Prostitutes Merry Heart
Blessings Money
Business Old Age
Children Parents
Commandments Plans
Common Sense The Poor
Company Pride
Death Promotion
Emotions Rebels
Death Reverence for God
Enemies Riches
Favor of God and Man Self-Control
Forgiveness Strife
Friends Temper
Gifts Trusting the Lord
Good Men/Wicked Men Wife
Health Wine
Instruction Wisdom
Justice Wise Men/Foolish Men
Kings/Rulers/Nations Women
The Law Words/Silence
Long Life Work
The Lord